It was a great pleasure working with Red Carpet Concepts. Red Carpet Concepts has a very strong team and they are always willing to put in extra effort to help you achieve your company’s goals. After working with Red Carpet Concepts over a 2 year period, Webersburg’s number of weddings increased by 21% and Webersburg’s restaurant accommodating turnover increased by 20%. I would highly recommend working with Jade and her team.
— Friedrich Weber, General Manager, Webersburg Wine Estate

I have yet to meet a team whom collectively work with as much precision & efficiency. They deliver well above their promises & bring the term collaboration to life with everything they do & every event they work on.
With a leader like Jade, its hard to feel anything go wrong and the best part about this is, as clients we can just rock up at an event knowing everything would have been taken care of.
Jade treats each brand exactly the same and she brings it the perfect amount of exposure with expertise.
— RGBC Brand Manager, Jayshal Patel

Pennyroyal had the pleasure of working with Red Carpet for a signing event in Johannesburg. We found them to be diligent and focused on ensuring the event went off well and in securing press around the event and our project Blue Amber Zanzibar. They were instrumental in creating awareness and media interest in the project.
— Saleh Said, Managing Director - Blue Amber Zanzibar

The Benguela Collection utilized the services of Jade and her team in 2017. We found them to be efficient, proactive and exactly on the mark when it came to working out the correct marketing strategies for our properties. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
— Penny Streeter OBE, Managing Director, Benguela Cove Collection

I’ve been working with Jade and her team since 2016, and the range of services included a new website as well as collaborating on various projects in the luxury segment market. The RCC team brings creativity and professionalism to the table and I am looking forward to working with them in the future.
— Bea Liebenberg, Brand Manager, Deetlefs Wine Estate

Jade and her team at Red Carpet Concepts excel at producing exquisite events and consistently deliver on clients’ expectations. Their invaluable contribution to our events schedule has consistently raised the reputation of our productions where successful administration is key. The unique and creative approach to event management by Red Carpet Concepts places them in a league of their own – within a highly competitive industry. There is no other agency that can stand toe-to-toe with RCC or that we would rather have in our corner.
— Jonathan David Pepler, Managing Director, Granadilla Media

Jade Allen has a definite passion for the media and entertainment industry. She is able to take on any challenge by giving her full undivided attention making her a true asset to any production and project she takes on board. To pull out all the stops in pursuit of delivering an excellent product that is on time, current and relevant to her audience and clients is without a doubt what she personally strive for. She have managed to accomplish this successfully time after time.
— Pierré van Staden, Production Manager, Top Billing

Working at RCC was an incredible experience. Not only did my four and half years there allow me to find my strengths, it allowed me to further develop my skills and at the same time build a solid foundation in the PR industry. Jade is a go-getter and incredibly good at what she does. A perfectionist at heart and always adds a personal touch to create simple perfection.
— Melissa CC Man

Working with Red Carpet is always a treat. Their insight into projects, attention to detail and hard work is always matched with a smiling face. Looking forward to more projects in the future.
— Shaun Duvet, Managing Director, Anything Goes

Working with the Red Carpet team is always such a pleasure. Their dedication to their clients and brand partners is admirable! Jade and her team are always up for a challenge and seem to pull off every project perfectly no matter the brief. What a fabulous agency!
— Julia Bolton, Brand Manager, jekyll & hide

Red Carpet Concepts was the PR and events company for supporting a successful introduction of the brand to the local market. The launch event was well executed and created a generous amount of buzz.
— Eugene Peterson, Director,

Over the last 6 years, the RCC team under the leadership of Jade have become a vital part of the team at the Cape Royale Luxury Hotel. We have done too many photoshoots, menu and product launches to mention and the RCC team have completed every one of them successfully and professionally.

As the RCC team have grown and evolved over the years, so has their contribution to the Cape Royale, stretching from menu tasting, menu design, photography, decorating, blogger reviews and writing articles for some of the world’s best astute blogs, websites, magazines and newspapers on behalf of us.

It is an absolute pleasure and delight working with a team that is so enthusiastic and passionate about everything, where nothing is ever too much to ask. All they need as an idea, big or small and before you know it, you would have received an event proposal, invitee list, gifting ideas, dates, photographer lists and much more.

We want to thank them for the great partnership over the last 6 years and for the many more launches and laughs to come.
— Vincent Bouwer, Cape Royale Luxury Hotel

Jade has an extensive network of media channels and contacts, operates with tremendous passion, and delivers service excellence and value.
— Grant Norman, IMAASA CEO

I have always enjoyed a cut-above-the-rest professional relationship with Jade Allen. She displays a can-do attitude of dedication to her clients while always maintaining a great amount of enthusiasm. She always strives to deliver…by rising to any challenge and have proven over and over they understand the world of deadlines and achieving top standards to deliver great content.
— Zara Nicholson, Writer/Journalist

It was an absolute pleasure working with Jade and we’ll definitely continue to do so into the future. Professionalism and a willingness to go the extra mile really make all the difference.
— Dominic Peters, Goldfish

Red Carpet Concept did the PR for International Day of Yoga. A huge event that took place in June at the CTICC. Jade and her team are extremely professional, helpfull and friendly. Thanks to their network and hard work, the exposure of the event was fantastic. Apart from many publications, we even features on national TV & radio. (SABC1, 2, 3 & Expresso morning show). I look forward to working with them again.
— Joëlle Eveline, Organiser of International Day of Yoga South Africa

I love working with Jade and her team! They are high energy and friendly and host wonderful events. They’re great at following up and ensuring you get the content you need.
— Amy Hopkins, Food & Managing Editor, Women’s Health

Jade is always professional, enthusiastic and helpful. This results in making sure that I meet my demanding print deadlines. In my high-pressure field the right and positive attitude helps with my workload.
— Nontando Mposo, Fashion and Beauty Editor and Top of The Times Editor

Lazercor has been working with Jade for over 10 years. It is always a pleasure working with Jade and her team as the professionalism of which they go about their work immediately puts you at ease in the knowledge that the event/project will be a success.
— Mark Teuchert, Managing Director, Lazercor

Jade Allen and her team are pro-active and dynamic and the annual Red Carpet Fashion Show is one of the event highlights of my year.
— Lindy Hibbard, Smile FM

I’ve known Jade Allen for many years and I commend her professionalism and work ethics.
— Sameegha Wolhuter, Print Advertising Manager, TPP

Working with Jade Allen from Red Carpet Concepts and her creative team, is always a highlight in my year. The energy, excitement, professionalism and thinking outside the box is all elements what Jacques LaGrange couture loves when working with the company. Always over delivering on her promise and giving it her all Jade is a force to be reckoned with.Jacques Lagrange, fashion designer
— Jacques Lagrange, fashion designer