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Advertising is paid for and spoken by the voice of the company itself “We are great!”. PR is the message delivered by the third-party opinion holder “They are great!”. We build brand credibility in the public eye, directly resulting on consistently high conversion rates. Our mission is to develop and maintain a positive brand image with direct target markets.

Through minimizing spend and maximising brand exposure, we generate coverage across traditional and non-traditional platforms alike. We achieve this through our strong existing relationships within the media industry and social media campaigns. The goal of media relations is to maximize positive coverage through targeted, effective and engaging communication.


PR Services

  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Promotions
  • Media buying and ad management
  • Relationship, reputation and crisis management 
  • Media tracking
  • Media monitoring
  • Status Reports
  • Coverage Reports
  • Content curation, press release writing & editing
  • Copy writing for all marketing material
  • Media reviews, editorial features and diary listings
  • Publicity & profile pitching
  • Trade exchanges & reader giveaways
  • Media liaison
  • Advertorials
  • Brand and media sponsorships
  • Brand building campaigns