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Award Winning Artists on show at No5 on Hudson
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No 5 on Hudson is exhibiting a selection of eye-catching new works. Gallery owner Sandy De Bruin has hand-picked pieces by diverse local artists.

Liffey Joy is a mixed media artist born in the UK. She uses materials such as ink and salt to create monochromatic works. She focuses on materiality and makes use of multiple media. She veers towards using those with unpredictable characteristics - embracing the unknown and playing with these chemical, and sometimes alchemical, reactions.

Tanya Truscott is interested in the relationship between the visible world and the pictorial world of the flat canvas. She uses layers of oil paint to create depth. Working without a plan allows her to explore intuitive mark making and the role of colour in a non representational manner.

Laura Wenman paints landscapes, figures and still lives, but leans towards portraiture. This award-winning artist’s preferred medium is oils because of its versatility. Her style, which is impressionistic at the moment, tends to interpret her subjects, rather than produce a frozen image. 

Lesley Charnock is drawn to the tonal values of bright sunlight and deep shadows. “I try to capture the vibrant colours I see with confident brush strokes and lavish use of the palette-knife,” she says. Her creations move from impressionistic to the more abstract. She is fascinated by how the temperature, value and hue of the paint changes in relation to colours around it.

Nicole Pletts has been studying art since 1997. She prefers working in oils, but also loves watercolours. A versatile artist, she paints a variety of subjects. Nicole has more recently been exploring florals to get in touch with ‘peace, gentleness and femininity’.  

One of South Africa’s leading artists, Fiona Rowett’s work is characterised by rich, abstract forms which emphasise shape, texture and colour. She uses techniques of layering and scratching paint. This George-based artist’s passion lies in delving into invisible worlds to reveal ‘concealed beauty’. 

Although 5 on Hudson is committed to highlighting the work of female artists, it represents both men and women. Brandon Borgelt has always had an interest in animals, collecting weird and wonderful pets. Initially dabbling in clay and photography, he became inspired to sculpt. Brandon is fascinated by the human form, and strives to capture beauty in his bronzes.

Michaelis School of Fine Art graduate Danielle Alexander draws inspiration from Neoclassism and Baroque imagery. She uses images of linen as subject matter, using the folds of the drapery to communicate tension and drama. Danielle also often works with crete stone, polyfilla and plaster to create textured paintings.

Sharleen Boaden creates impressionistic paintings from her studio in Ballito. Soft, romantic brush strokes, best expressed in florals and whimsical figures, make her creations instantly recognizable.  She paints mostly with oils, but is not limited to any medium.

Artist Lyn Northam has been the recipient of many awards, including the SASA Best Watercolour and SASA Best Oil Award. Her concerns lie with the challenge of capturing shifting light and seeing colour in shadows. She is inspired by the beauty in nature and the world around her.

Former Miss South Africa, Sandy De Bruin’s passion for Fine Art leans towards oil painting, often inspired by her travels. Her focus is on the ability of artwork to make one feel various emotions, as well as to how these artworks translate into our living spaces and environments.


No 5 on Hudson is at 5 Hudson Street, De Waterkant. Opening hours are 10am – 5pm, Mondays to Fridays, and 9am – 1pm on Saturdays. For more information, visit, call 021 418 2783, or e-mail

Why your website matters

by Darryl Gouws

Whether you’re a start-up, established small business or professional service provider your website is key to your brand’s future growth.

It costs less than you think

People often think that having a website requires a lot of money and that the upkeep is too much work. As domain hosting, cloud storage, SEO and design costs have all dropped considerably the initial and monthly cost of having your own, fully customisable website is much lower than you might anticipate.

Content is king

Having a blog section on your website with original content is a sure-fire way to drive traffic to your website from social media accounts. A blog is also a great way to engage with your clients and potential future business by giving insight into your interests and company ethos in an informal and friendly approach.

Mobile matters

It is estimated that there are now more mobile gadgets in the world than people with mobile internet usage recently surpassing traditional computer access in first world countries whilst developing countries have a very high percentage of users with mobile devices being their primary access point to the world wide web. It is therefore imperative that your website is optimised for these devices and that the design is responsive whether being viewed on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

It legitimises your brand

A website with a custom domain for your brand immediately legitimizes your business as users often cross-check multiple online sources such as social media and websites when stumbling across new companies. Likewise a business email address in the format of certainly looks more professional than an old Gmail account that you started when you were younger.

Your website, your rules

As social media companies update their terms and conditions on a frequent basis few people actually take the time to familiarise themselves with what it all means. To ensure that your intellectual property is protected it is advisable to only upload sensitive information to your own website whereby you are not authorising certain social media parties full access to your media and information.

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