The Best of Ayama Slent Farm

Ayama: proudly South Africans, truly Italians. 

Ayama’s Italian passion for fine wine and conservation are inseparable elements of Slent owners Michela and Attilio.

A decade ago, they left their Northern Italian home to go on holiday with friends in South Africa. Like many others, they fell in love with South Africa, the people, the weather and the wine. 




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For more information you can visit their website here.

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Woodford Reserve Bourbon Trail launched by master mixologist
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This year’s Woodford Reserve Bourbon Trail was launched at The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel’s Grill Room in fitting Prohibition-style.

The Woodford Reserve Bourbon Trail Bar competition aims to uncover the countries best Old Fashioned cocktails. Bartenders are encouraged to create and present a classic Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned cocktail using sugar, bitters and garnish of their choice, with the winning creations deemed by a curation of three esteemed judges.

Participating bars in Cape Town include Cause & Effect, Orphanage, Arcade, Twankey, Burger & Lobster, HQ, Socal, Harringtons, Souk, One & Only, The Station and Radisson Granger Bay. Johannesburg participants being: Sin & Tax, Marble, Mesh Club, Gemelli, Saint, Landmark, Mootee, Marabie Club & Hemmingways Bar.

The winning regional Cape Town and Johannesburg bars will go head to head in the national Woodford Bourbon Brawl final, hosted in Cape Town on 27 November 2018, with the winner taking home the award for the National Old Fashioned bartender of the year.

The Woodford Bourbon Trail launch was led by award-winning master mixologist; Marson Strydom, the elegant Woodford Reserve event embraced this Bourbon’s heritage with the sounds of Duke Ellington on the bandstand, black jack and roulette tables fuelled by ‘funny money’, a photo booth to snap up the best vintage fashion of the night, prizes, and a tasting master class.

Highlighting the tradition of fine Kentucky Bourbon, Strydom choose cocktails to delight the palette. “With this heat I wanted something lighter, such as the Spirit of Rooibos – a rooibos infused Vodka with Woodford Double Oaked. The drinks needed something a little softer, because The Old Fashioned is quite a heavy drink. It’s very complex, as the sugars have more flavours,” he said.

The Woodford Reserve Bourbon Trail has seen judges search for the best cocktail in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This year engages 20 venues in the project. “The Trail is our annual campaign where we look for the best Old Fashioned by bartenders. One of the most creative I’ve seen was called The Clay Age Old Fashioned at Mootee Bar in Johannesburg. It was left for one month in a clay vessel. There are some other crazy ideas - such as The Maple & Bacon Old Fashioned cocktail at Burger & Lobster in Cape Town.”

The Woodford Reserve brand ambassador sang the praises of this handcrafted Bourbon: “Woodford Reserve is one of oldest distilleries in America. It’s one of the only Bourbons to be triple distilled, and also uses copper pot distillation, which gives flavour and character because the copper reacts with the alcohol vapours,” he added.

Offering insight into Woodford Reserve’s versatility, the mixologist showcased the nuances of this Bourbon with cocktails that featured “beautiful body, and a beautiful finish,” to those “a lot bolder with lots of spices.”

Fleshing out the Speakeasy and red hot jazz ambience of the prohibition period were Michael Bester on guitar, Stephen de Souza on double bass and saxophonist Marc de Kock. Showcasing the creative roots of award-winning Woodford Reserve, the trio played a repertoire oriented towards the big band swing era, with classic tunes such as Take the A Train.


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Jekyll & Hide's variety of genuine leather goods

Founded in 2003, the Jekyll & Hide team travels far and wide across South America, Asia, Africa and Europe to source the finest leather the world has to offer. The result? A range of timeless yet effortlessly modern travel and business bags, handbags, belts, jackets, wallets and purses that are as functional as they are fashionable.

Brought to life in the seaside city of Cape Town and the bustling metropolis of London, each one of their bespoke, authentic, ruggedly-elegant leather goods are certain to become your most trusted travel companions, savvy business partners and stylish accessories.



All a digital nomad needs are their portable office in their backpack, and a space with Wi-Fi. From the boardroom in the city of Cape Town to a remote café in the jungles of Balie – Jekyll & Hide’s tech accessories have your back.

You can view the tech collection here.



With functionality as a main focus point, Jekyll & Hide will be your lifelong companion, transporting your portable office and life essentials. Their business ranges are carefully designed to accommodate all your daily work and commute related needs.

You can view the men’s business collection here and the ladies collection here.



Looking for a new leather statement piece? Look no further - Jekyll & Hide’s Ladies collection offers you a variety of jackets, backpacks, handbags, purses travel and business bags. Jekyll & Hide’s pieces are timeless and will most certainly last you a lifetime.

You can view the ladies collection here.



The one item every man should have in his possession: a leather item. Jekyll & Hide’s range for men has you covered from angles,  their genuine leather products offer men fashionable yet functional items. Their collection includes wallets, backpacks, briefcases, travel bags, shoes, crossbody bags, belts and jackets.

You can view the men’s collection here

#LiveAuthentic with Jekyll & Hide's genuine leather products, expertly crafted to become your lifelong partner.

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There’s nothing better than mixing your own refreshing cocktails to sip in the sun on a nice summer’s day. While classics like mojitos and margaritas are always reliable, adventurous new cocktails with loads of ingredients are exciting to make and there’s a lot to be said for drinks that are different and easy to make. 

These are the colourful drinks that will turn your taste buds upside down this festive season.



The Tia Espresso Martini has been the classic evening pick-me-up since its creation in the 1980s. It’s as delicious today as it always has been.






Fill a martini glass with ice and set aside to chill. Pour Tia Maria, vodka and espresso into a cocktail shaker. Fill the rest of the shaker with ice. Shake the ingredients together. Empty the martini glass of ice. Pour in the contents of the shaker using a strainer and sieve into the glass. Finish with three coffee beans.

Watch the master class video here



A unique refreshing drink, in which the distinctive notes of DISARONNO blend with the scent of freshly squeezed lemons.


50 ml Disaronno

25 ml Fresh lemon juice

5 ml Sugar syrup

Egg white
Shake all the ingredients with ice. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

Watch the master class video here




25ml Chambord liqueur

25ml Finlandia® vodka


Lime wedge

Take a long glass filled with ice. Pour in Chambord, vodka and lemonade. Add the lime wedge. And voila, your tongue is happy.

 Watch the master class video here

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Many cooks underestimate the potency of the humble broad bean. An ancient member of the pea family, broad beans have a nutty taste and buttery texture all of their own. 

In the culinary world, Vicia faba is known as a broad bean, fava bean or faba bean. Given the amount of nutrition they contain, these energy-boosting, heart-healthy legumes make an excellent addition to one’s diet.

To get you better acquainted with favas, Slent Farm’s Michela and Attilio Dalpiaz are hosting an Ayama Broad Beans Festival in the Voor Paardeberg on Sunday, 11 November 2018 from 12pm to 5pm. This Ayama Wines event includes a 4-course lunch, with wine pairing with all courses. 

Of Italian origin, the Dalpiaz will highlight the legacy of broad beans in Italy, where the beans rose to prominence after Sicily experienced a failure of all crops except for these beans. Keeping the population from starvation, they subsequently became traditional on Saint Joseph's Day altars in many Italian communities.

In Rome, on the first of May, Roman families also traditionally eat fresh fava beans with Pecorino Romano cheese. In Liguria, fava beans are loved raw, and consumed fresh in early spring as the first product of the garden, alone or with fresh Pecorino Sardo or with local salami. In some Central Italian regions, a once-popular and recently rediscovered fancy food is the bagiana - a soup of fresh or dried fava beans seasoned with onions and beet leaves stir-fried, before being added to the soup, in olive oil and lard.

Along with chickpeas, lentils and peas, broad beans are amongst the oldest of all cultivated crops. They are thought to have entered the eastern Mediterranean diet in about 6,000 BC - not long after the invention of agriculture.

The popularity and longevity of these legumes has been sustained by their health benefits. They’re one of the top most high-folate foods around, making them useful for energy metabolism, for nervous system support, for healthy red blood cells, and are a good fit for moms-to-be. They’re also a great lean protein choice with lots of fibre, and contain vitamin K, vitamin B6, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium.

The Ayama Broad Beans Festival will showcase the cultivation of broad beans - served the tasty Italian way.

4-course lunch, wine pairing with all courses. 
R350,00 all inclusive.

Limited to 50 people attending. 

To book, see

For information, contact: +27 (0)21 8698313,, see

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The sixth Limited Edition of the Disaronno Icon project, the brand’s annual collaboration with a leading name in Italian fashion.

Arriving on South African shores just in time for festive season, we celebrate Disaronno dressed by Trussardi. True to form, this exciting Limited-Edition bottle once again partners with an esteemed Italian fashion house to make its unmistakably unique bottle extra special.

Sense of tradition, innovation and Italian elegance unite the liqueur and design brands’ values and unique aesthetics. “For years the Limited Edition has marked an annual highlight with reference to our brand’s visibility,” comments Illva Saronno holding company CEO, Augusto Reina. "Disaronno is appreciated across the globe as an emblem of Italian style. And this year we are proud to make a particularly classy, elegant statement with a graphic design that reflects in full our perfectly modern essence.”

“The Trussardi story is very much about innovation, discovery, the concept of fusion. In addition to strengthening the bond between two companies that epitomize the Italian spirit worldwide, designing the iconic Disaronno bottle underscores once again that Trussardi continues to be a 360° lifestyle brand,” says Tomaso Trussardi, CEO of Trussardi.

Along with the classic bottle, the Disaronno Wears Trussardi Limited Edition will also come in packs containing a trio of miniatures. This concept was launched six years ago with Disaronno partnering with other fashion houses by the likes Missoni, Versace and Cavalli. The Limited-Edition bottles have been very well received in retail and the Disaronno Wears Trussardi bottle is an ideal holiday gift for fashion aficionados or great for self-purchase to share with friends. The bottle has masses of shelf appeal, while the miniature bottle sets are ideal for point-of- purchase/till point sales – a perfect opportunity for adding value to the basket.”

With its unique flavour and golden amber hue, Disaronno has a distinctive aroma that has won fans of all ages; taking Italian style to many corners of the globe. Delicious both neat and on the rocks, Disaronno is perfect for celebration.


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The artichoke offers a one-of-a-kind epicurean experience. A culinary delicacy since the time of ancient Rome, the giant flower bud makes a wonderfully healthy and flavourful addition to one’s plate.

Delighting in this vegetable’s huge appeal, Ayama Wine Farm hosted their first Artichoke Festival in the Voor Paardeberg on Sunday, 14 October. Hosted by Slent Farm’s Michela and Attilio Dalpiaz, the owners of Ayama Wines, the event put the spotlight on the farm’s production of high-quality artichokes. Celebrating their first harvest in 2016, in what started as a joint venture with Italian restaurateur Giuseppe La Gattuta, 2018 now marks the third harvest of Sicilian artichokes at Slent Farm.

Taking centre stage at this festive family day in the Cape winelands was the farm’s ‘artichoke of aristocrats’ - Violetta. Attilio explains, “In Italy there are hundreds of local varieties. Italy is the biggest artichoke producer it the world, and every region has its own variety. In South Africa the globe variety is the most common, but at Ayama we grow Violetta artichokes from Sicily.”

The artichoke is a versatile and delicious vegetable that is widely appreciated in many culinary traditions, but for the uninitiated it can still be a slightly daunting vegetable. With its distinctive mild flavour, its light taste is often likened to celery, or asparagus with a slightly lemony taste.  

Mouth-watering Violetta has its own specific allure: “This one is quite sweet, whereas in Italy it’s not so sweet. I think the climate and soil here make the artichokes sweeter,” adds Attilio. The best way to enjoy the farm’s harvest is with Ayama Wines’ South African Vermentino, from the vines of Vermentino di Gallura. “Bubbly works with artichokes because they can give you a metallic taste, but Vermentino is good for the palate.”

Guests at The Artichoke Festival were treated to a tasting glass of Ayama Vermentino 2017, paired with Caponata Di Carciofi – usually served with eggplant, but here featuring artichokes with onion, olives celery and capers; Pasta Sebisa with ricotta and pecorino cheese; Carciofi Fritti deep fried artichokes; and Frittella Di Carciofi with artichokes, garlic, broad beans and peas.

With Ayama’s Tasting Room, Ayamateca Farm Store, tractor rides and marquees overlooking the valley, The Artichoke Festival provided a wonderful experience of the Voor Paardeberg area. Following the showcase of this gourmet delicacy will be Slent Farm’s A Taste of Italy N.1 celebration on 28 October 2018, from 10:00 - 16:00. The day will highlight the Dalpiaz’s passion for good wine with a special Italian Ayamateca collection tasting.

Grappa and coffee will close the tasting of Italian wines and food. Special Masters of Ceremonies will lead the tasting and inform on the wines and Grappa.

R550,00 all inclusive. Limited to 50 people.

For more information, contact: +27 (0)21 8698313,, see

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Today’s world is constantly developing. From 18-year-old billionaires to an erratic economy, self-driving cars and the ability to communicate with anyone instantly; our environment is unpredictable and ever-changing. This new reality has affected everything, including the way we work, as more and more of us choose to work remotely rather than in a traditional office space. Naturally, this has changed our work attire too and has caused a worldwide trend of mixing casual and corporate styles. It’s this trend that inspired Jekyll and Hide’s new collection of men’s shoes, which boasts a range of smart yet rugged, minimalist yet striking, laidback yet sophisticated footwear that offers a much-needed update to the fuddy-duddy dress shoe.

Bernard Bultemeier, CEO of the bespoke leather brand, says the new range aims to offer modern men something a little different: “We wanted to produce something more casual, but without compromising our trademark sophisticated, timeless style. The result is a range of shoes that are both laidback and smart, depending on how you wear them.”

The new collection promises to offer something for every guy and every occasion, including classic leather boots that can be dressed up or down, and edgy sneakers that step as effortlessly into a boardroom as they can a rooftop bar.

Shop the new range online via their website or instore:

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In the four years since its inception, The Sanlam Top Destination Awards has set the benchmark for excellence in South Africa’s tourism industry. By celebrating key players in the travel sector, the Sanlam Top Destination Awards serve to promote local and in-bound tourism in South Africa.

Voters this year once again showed huge support for their preferred establishments across 10 categories, including a new Water Sustainability Award created in conjunction with Water 4 Cape Town and Cape Town Tourism to reward the most water-conscious establishment.

Water has aptly been dubbed the new liquid gold, so it’s pertinent that the use of this precious resource comes under scrutiny. Sanlam Top Destination Awards founder and Director of Discount Traveler, Jonathan Pepler, explains. “By introducing this award the aim is to put a spotlight on an establishment that has truly gone beyond the call of duty to conserve water. It serves as a beacon to other establishments to follow this outstanding example and further the efforts of all South African businesses to do their part.”

“Tourism is a powerful force in the economy. With an estimated 300,000 jobs in the Western Cape dependent on tourism, it is important the industry continues to thrive. Accommodation providers are rising to the challenges of maintaining current water restrictions, while simultaneously working to provide comfort for thousands of guests each year. Water 4 Cape Town in association with Cape Tourism presented an award in conjunction with the Sanlam Top Destination Awards to recognize Cape Town's top waterconscious leaders in the hospitality industry,” he adds.

What factors saw !Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre secure the new Water Sustainability Award? “!Khwa ttu achieved almost all objectives measured in our survey and outstripped all their counterparts in the effort they employed to conduct a water-efficient business. The entire business process had incorporated water-saving methods, from check in, during stay, housekeeping, external entertainment facilities, management and on-going training were all measured in terms of the depth of innovation and commitment to maintain water-efficient measures put in place. Water-efficiency criteria measured included: Check In, During Stay – Bathroom, During Stay – Kitchen, During Stay – Housekeeping, During Stay – Grounds, During Stay – Pool and Check Out.”

The water crisis requires a change in lifestyle. “Resilient cities all over the world are drafting plans to cope with resource crisis and building capacity to safeguard them, given the pressing reality of this scarce resource globally. Central to planning for such scenarios is the need to assist the public to become aware of the need to cultivate a ‘new normal’. To review their habits and become responsible and consume less, avoid pollution, recycle more, choose organic products and insist on brands that have adopted a circular economy.”

“There are several major metropolis around the world that are currently struggling with a water crisis, and Cape Town unfortunately found itself at the tip of the spear. By activating establishments through initiatives such as, we are able to set a precedent on how to deal with the problem, effectively transforming the industry into a case study to be used by other tourism industries to follow suit.”

The City of Cape Town has just scraped through the most severe water crisis seen in decades. In Jonathan’s view, “The city, residents and hospitality industry are still experiencing the shock waves of the past year. During this time of great ecological stress, we have come face-to-face with what the world and its available resources may have in store for our exponentially expanding population.”

Paulette van Heerden, Director of Water 4 Cape Town adds; “Our work in the hospitality industry aims to facilitate an integrated development towards long-term protection against the serious threat of reduced access to water. We now have a dynamic ecosystem of organisations with a vision of water security for our region planning for 2019 and beyond to bring to fruition projects we set in motion this year. We look forward to playing an active part in your business environments, and to be a change agent for sustainable living, to be realised in the way we utilize our natural resources - to create a city where citizens foster a new green living.”

On his travels, Jonathan has come across numerous novel water-saving initiatives. “There are innovations coming to light on a small scale and on large scale where the focus shifts from saving every drop of water to data mining models to provide a concise view of water consumption behaviour, and establish benchmarks to track the efficiency of introduction of new technology. For example, fog towers have been built all over the world, but you find the most novel versions of this solution in various parts of the world. Elegantly, these towers are based on a simple fact that we have more water in the atmosphere than in all the water sources in the world combined,” he notes.

“It is incumbent on us to promote the ‘New Water Economy’ innovation and have as a central tenant in our education and business world the need to innovate water usage products and services. Water is a constitutional right and life-giving force. It is a precious resource and we need to treat the solution building for the best use of our available resource as a strategic imperative and sensitise our youth accordingly.”

What are the most common far-reaching measures seen employed by the nominees of this year’s Sanlam Top Destination Awards? “Primarily reduction in usage. Metering usage to monitor use in each instance and ensure no leaks go undetected. Harvest rainwater. Grey water recycling. Waste water treatment for re-use. Using non-potable water for sanitation purposes. Also clear instructions to all target audiences on how to conduct a water-efficient environment. Focused employee training programmes. Dedicated management executive to manage water-efficacy. Implementing water-efficient mechanisms in all water systems at venues where every drop is counted. Using water-efficient equipment in cooking, cleaning, laundry and gardening management. Adoption of waterless products and eradication of alien vegetation.”

Highlighting water scarcity with this award is a win-win in terms of conservation. “We need to be concerned about the water/energy/food connection and consider how what we consume impacts on our environment. Brands are now calculating their climate change footprint and making sure they contribute to safeguarding our precious natural resources.” Does he expect a renewed vigour with next year’s efforts to win the SANLAM TOP DESTINATION AWARDS Water Sustainability Award? “We will secure the enthusiasm for this wider scope from within the sector and engage them on the framework. This will provide a new dynamic for the sector to put forward as a motivation to visit their establishment. We have the moral obligation to conduct this work as an urgent priority and water efficiency is a profitability driver. Optimisation provides funds to re-engineer more business process to enhance the visitor experience. If we fail to view this as a “must have” we will fail to keep pace with the environmental changes taking place around the globe.”

In his view, will travellers seek out water-savvy travel options going forward? “No question. And we will actively campaign for this reality. We will promote best solutions on a global level and lead the surge toward better environmental practice.”

“Early in 2019 we will launch a wider focused Water Sustainability Award and motivate our top destinations to be global leaders for green living.”

For more information:

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Carabao x afterdark invasion

This Halloween, Carabao Energy Drink have teamed up with outdoor fitness enthusiasts, Rudi Witkowsky and Amor Beyersburgen to bring you the first edition of the Carabao x AfterDark Zombie Invasion which will be held on the 27th of October at D'vine Estate in Paarl.

The 6km zombie-themed outdoor, night obstacle course will be inviting individuals and teams to enter the race which will test your level of sheer determination, physical endurance and team work. The spirit of the Carabao will ensure all participants have the energy to perform in this exciting, mental and physical race.

The race is complete with the following:

  • Army boot camp like obstacles that will test your strength and stamina.

  • You will encounter natural and manmade obstacles.

  • You will need to climb walls and crawl in the mud.

  • To add an extra degree of challenge we have added zombies.

Its backstory is based on a   post-apocalyptic time where zombies inhabit the earth and humans must work together to save humans. You may sign up as a human or zombie. The humans run the race with a football flag belt. These flags represent your vital organs, your Brain, Heart, and Entrails. The zombies are positioned along the race course trying to capture your flags. If you finish the race with one or more of your flags, you survive. If the zombies capture all your flags, you are infected with the living dead virus and die. Friendly advice, well at least do not complete the race.

About the Carabao x AfterDark invasion

This is a real night obstacle race, just with a twist.  Carabao x AfterDark invasion is a post-apocalyptic 6km obstacle night run with full moon, swarming with zombies infected with the living dead virus.

Whether you are a passionate runner or you have never participated in an obstacle course race before, this promises to be the most astounding, heart pounding and adrenalin producing mud run ever created. The ball is in your court, will you sign up as a human or zombie?

Sign up today via:

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