Jekyll & Hide Bags: Where Tech Meets Tradition

Jekyll & Hide Bags Where Tech Meets Tradition.jpg

Despite being a fashion brand that prides itself on timeless design and authentic craftsmanship, Jekyll & Hide offers a range of avant-garde laptop, tablet, and cellphone bags and covers for both men and women. Tech bags and covers are no longer the velcro things you get free in the box; they’re staple accessories as essential as a crisp white shirt or an LBD. After all, we’re all glued to our tech. Whether you’re a travelling freelancer, working student or a budding entrepreneur, chances are, you stay ‘plugged in’ to your devices 24/7. So you can’t have entangled cords, scuffed screens or naff, IT Crowd props. You need to stay organised while looking, dare we say it on fleek and fire. 

The Jekyll and Hide range of bags, covers and slips is all about functional fashion that suits every occasion and trend. And although you’re bound to replace your devices with smaller, faster and smarter options in the future, a Jekyll & Hide product will carry them with unique style for years to come.   

Whether you’re looking for a compact backpack to carry your laptop while you travel the world, a briefcase to go from the boardroom to the bar, or a beautiful cellphone cover with added card slots, Jekyll & Hide has something for every item and occasion:  “At Jekyll and Hide, we know that trends come and go. What stays behind? What’s always in style? Authentic quality. Good design. Craft. That’s what we’ve always offered, that’s what we always will offer.” - Bernard

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