Jekyll & Hide has a gift for gifting


Blow your loved ones away this Christmas with a one-of-a-kind leather item

Your colleagues have started discussing holiday plans, there are a lot more foreign number plates on the road, and all the shop windows are decked in tinsel flogging kitsch advent calendars. Yip, the silly season is upon us.

If thoughts like “Where did the year go??” and “Flip, what am I going to get my mom/sister/brother/daughter/dad/uncle??” are running through your mind right now, have no fear, Jekyll and Hide has you covered.

From minimalist wallets, purses and belts, to capacious travel bags, elegant handbags and head-turning sneakers, Jekyll and Hide’s wide range of timeless yet effortlessly modern bespoke leather pieces have a gift in store for everyone.

And if the thought of picking an item for your fussy loved one is too stressful, take a load off with a gift voucher, available from our online store.

Visit their website to pick out something special for that someone special and nab yourself something too, it’s Christmas after all!

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Jade Allen