Why your website matters


by Darryl Gouws

Whether you’re a start-up, established small business or professional service provider your website is key to your brand’s future growth.

It costs less than you think

People often think that having a website requires a lot of money and that the upkeep is too much work. As domain hosting, cloud storage, SEO and design costs have all dropped considerably the initial and monthly cost of having your own, fully customisable website is much lower than you might anticipate.

Content is king

Having a blog section on your website with original content is a sure-fire way to drive traffic to your website from social media accounts. A blog is also a great way to engage with your clients and potential future business by giving insight into your interests and company ethos in an informal and friendly approach.

Mobile matters

It is estimated that there are now more mobile gadgets in the world than people with mobile internet usage recently surpassing traditional computer access in first world countries whilst developing countries have a very high percentage of users with mobile devices being their primary access point to the world wide web. It is therefore imperative that your website is optimised for these devices and that the design is responsive whether being viewed on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

It legitimises your brand

A website with a custom domain for your brand immediately legitimizes your business as users often cross-check multiple online sources such as social media and websites when stumbling across new companies. Likewise a business email address in the format of name@yourcompany.com certainly looks more professional than an old Gmail account that you started when you were younger.

Your website, your rules

As social media companies update their terms and conditions on a frequent basis few people actually take the time to familiarise themselves with what it all means. To ensure that your intellectual property is protected it is advisable to only upload sensitive information to your own website whereby you are not authorising certain social media parties full access to your media and information.

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